Social Ills

Dear Editor,

What description can I find to describe the people of this generation, when it seems about two thirds of them may declare a man may 'marry' a man, and a woman may 'marry' a woman?

Whatever the majority proves to be, it shall be one which has plunged into a sea of irrationality, happy with its efforts to drag the remaining, resisting minority down with it into its world of madness.

But, what else can we expect of a society which finds it expedient to kill thousands of its own unborn children, and to sacrifice thousands of other innocents conceived in the processes of IVF, with other mingling voices clamouring for assisted self-murder-suicide to be legally sanctioned?

This society needs to be brought to face the realities of these evils which it allows to ferment, and keeps mostly hidden, out of sight, in its under-belly.

What does our silent acceptance of these practices say regarding the true nature of both our individual and our collective social conscience?

What measure our guilt? What measure our shame? What price our silence?

How might true peace ever be found in such a compromising, broken society?

(Individual peace may only ever be found in a right-conscience.)

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter