Dear Member of Parliament,

Biological Science teaches conception occurs with the fertilisation of a woman's ovum by a man's sperm. A cell with its own life and capacities is formed. Its life is human ! It is called conceptus, progenitor cell, first cell and zygote.
It contains all the genetic material of a new human individual, half from the ovum and half from the sperm. It needs only nutrition, housing, and time to develop and realise its full potential.......the same for us all.

The human embryo has been defined as, "genetically new human life organised as a distinct entity oriented towards further development.....as a biologically individuated member of the human species."

From its formation, its capacity to grow and develop into a recognisable person and beyond is directed entirely from within its own being. Its life is a continuum, an unfolding progression, from the moment it is conceived !
To cut its 'thread of life' at any moment after fertilisation is to destroy the life of the person/s who would otherwise emerge from its mystery. The life of the person has begun and it is already reaching for the fulfilment of its own destiny.

The innate inviolability of the person-in-embryo should be universally recognised and respected because its humanity, its very nature as a member of the human species, ascribes to it the protections of every human right!

For persons (including politicians) to claim 'right' to attack the integrity of its innocent humanity, is for them to claim 'right' to attack the integrity of those same rights universally acclaimed to apply equally and universally to us all!

In-vitro fertilisation and embryonic stem cell procedures make lethal attack on vulnerable human-innocents-in-embryo and thereby operate in culpable contempt of every human right! The good outcomes sought, are bought at a price of lethal, incalculable, culpable injustice to others! (Note also the outrage of countless innocents 'legally' slaughtered under the sanctions of corrupt abortion legislation!)

A truly just society, of a right heart, could not possibly contemplate the use of such procedures which strike at innocent human lives and the principles of justice and peace in human society.

To their unending shame; for too long, parliaments everywhere, have forsaken their duty to recognise and affirm in law, the human-person-in-embryo's naturally inviolable status. The consequence: Countless crimes against innocent humanity for which approving politicians and citizens bear personal and collective culpable responsibility! Will they ever learn that, "Evil may never be done to achieve a desirable good!" (Romans 3:8)