The mystery of seemingly infinite space is not only that it contains all Creation, but that it is itself a created mystery. For infinite space and all it contains is generated within the mystery of the Infinite Being and Mind of God and is itself contained therein, just as an idea is conceived, generated, exists and is contained within the mind of a man.

It was within the Essence and Mind of the Eternal Living Ever-Presence that the 'idea' of Creation, space and all it contains, was conceived, materialised and came to be. And Creation happened at the moment the Living Eternity 'Willed in Its Power' to actualise what was but an 'idea' into the substantial material reality of all that the Creation is. The moment of material actualisation is termed 'The Big Bang!'

It is awesomely incredible, that just as the mind of a man can reach out to view the seemingly infinite heavens by means of its image which becomes contained, displayed and viewed within the seemingly infinite 'space' of his own mind, (which is stationed in the finite smallness of his head) ; even more incredibly, the whole Creation (not its image) was conceived, materialised and is generated and contained within the awesome Living Mystery of the Infinite, Eternal Essence, Mind and Being of Who and what God is.

The Scripture confirms:
" .....it is in Him that we (and the whole Creation) live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28) His Ever-Presence is thus Witness in every aspect of life, being, act, word and thought from the dawn of Creation till the end of time.

This is how we know our prayers are heard; and how we know our thoughts, minds and hearts are known to the Living, Eternal Ever-Presence; because it is within the infinite essence and consciousness of this mysterious Living Eternity that the whole Creation exists, is sustained, and held together. Everything created, every entity, every thought, word, movement, operation and event exists and occurs within Its Awesome Living Mystery.
'It', God is ever-present to all!

All is the Lord's. We belong to Him. "We are all His children." (Acts 17:28). We, and the whole Creation, are in the infinite 'space' of His Infinite Mind and Being.

Awesome God! Awesome wonder! Awesome reality!

"O God,
Where could I go to escape Your Spirit?
Where could I flee from Your Presence?
If I climb the heavens, You are there...." (Psalm 139: 7, 8)