Creation exploded into existence !
The Creation was not. And then it was !
What occurred between these two sentences was 'The Big Bang!'

So, what was it which was existing before 'The Big Bang!' with the capacity to effect its occurrence? And what could be the nature of the essence of such existence?

We know the nature of created things is such that not one of them is the reason for itself.

We also know; if at some point, there was absolutely nothing, still now there would, and could, only be nothing. So, of necessity, some kind of existence has existed for all eternity without beginning or end. Its nature is 'Existence Itself'. It simply IS! And, it is thus from the eternal nature and capacities of this mysterious essence that all created things have materialised, issued and emerged, including ourselves.

Further, all things of the Creation, both animate and inanimate, are intricately complex and awesomely formed. All exist subject to the same principles and laws which act in unison throughout the whole Creation. Each and all testify to the marvellous order and power which permeates and sustains its existence and operation. All collectively form a vast symphony of life and being, of such unity in diversity, as to be unmistakably the work of but one Creating Symphonic Mind. This mysterious intelligence of awesome uncreated essence and power we call, God.

It is possible to go even further and see that the Act-of-Creation, 'The Big Bang', occurred within the very uncreated essence of what God IS: within the very infinite Mind, Being and Awareness of the Eternal Living Uncreated Mystery "who inhabits eternity". (Isaiah 57:15)

.....And this is how we know our prayers are heard; and how we know our thoughts, minds and hearts are known to the Living Eternal Ever-Presence; because it is within the very essence and awareness of this mysterious Living Eternity that the whole Creation exists; every substance, every entity, every thought, word, movement, operation and event exists and occurs within Its Living Uncreated Mystery. It is ever-present to all !

It is interesting to note how this reality is confirmed in the Scripture which states: ".....it is in Him that we live and move and have our being." (Acts 17:28)

Awesome God ! Awesome Mystery ! Awesome Reality !