Voluntary Assisted Dying

Dear Parliamentarian,


This matter needs to be resolved on the basis of clear principle.

The procedure wanted by advocates for legalised Voluntary Assisted Dying usually involves the terminating of a dying person's life at the person's time of choice by a lethal injection administered by medical personnel.

Because the act of termination is a deliberate one, being deliberately intended by the dying person, the act is one of assisted suicide. Suicide , regardless of the circumstances and its timing, is self-murder. So, medical personnel involved, would render themselves complicit in an act of self-murder.

Compassion may be offered as an excuse, but the nature of the act does not change. It is still murder.

The Divine Commandment, "Thou shalt do no murder", serves to indicate the inadvisability of ever choosing suicide for oneself, and the inadvisability of calling upon others to be complicit in your own self-murderous act. The breaking of the Divine Commandment means all involved are placing themselves at risk of a Divine penalty. Unrepented murder, be it of self or another, risks the Divine penalty of eternal hell-fire. Too late for the unbeliever who suddenly finds him/herself confronted with the warned reality. Eternity is forever!

The basic principle involved, is that everyone's life is inviolable and may not, under any circumstance, be deliberately violated, which also precludes any propensity for self-harm.

The Natural Law is rooted in the Divine Law that: No-one has a just right to offend against the integral well-being of another person or his/her possessions. The most fundamental possession of every person is their life formed at its conception. So, every person's life is sacrosanct, inviolable from the moment of its conception , and no-one has a right to touch it unless it be for that person's own benefit or welfare. The person's whole being is in its seed. From its inception its life is simply to be nurtured to grow, unfold and develop in its mother's womb to birth, and from there to proceed on to its maturity and its own individual destiny.

If you question the existence of the Divinity, I put to you the existence of an incredible symphonic mind which can place in a seed the whole of what a person shall ever unfold to be; just as the giant oak tree, in its seed has only to be nurtured to grow to its enormity; and that in every apple is the seeds of many trees with their fruits to feed our humanity.

In the face of such wonders, how might a human mind meet the Source of these wonders with incredulity? Be not doubting, but believe!

Offences to Natural and Divine Laws invite fearful consequence. These, we all must fear.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
16th June 2019