Dear Parliamentarian,


"Wherein, none are given or taken in marriage" - Matthew 22:30.
In the world to come, Christ, the Messiah, has said,
"Eternal life will be to know the Father and Jesus Christ Whom He has sent." - John 17:3.


This is an appeal to you, that in your deliberations you might be mindful of "Him Who inhabits Eternity", (Isaiah 57:15) and that you might consider some of the warnings the Divine Mind has given through the centuries.

I think the following selection is sufficient:

  1. "Before man is life and death, good and evil. What a man chooses shall be given to him." (Ecclesiasticus 15:14-18)
  2. "It is an abomination that a man should lie with a man as with a woman." (Leviticus 18:22; 20:13) (The same applies to women)
  3. "God has given up to shameful affections, women who have changed the natural use into that which is against nature. And, in like manner, men also, who, leaving the natural use of the women, have burned in their lusts for one another.....they shall all receive due recompense for their error." (Romans 1:26-27)
  4. "Who does such things are worthy of death, and not only those who do them, but also those who consent to those who do them." (Romans 1:32 and see also Ezechiel 3:17-21 & 33:7-9,11-20)

I hope this reflection will help you determine the right course of action to adopt in this current moral crisis. For your own dear soul's sake, I beg you not to risk the Divinity's displeasure. His injunction to us all is that we "Keep His Commandments!" (Exodus 20:1-20; Matthew 19:17)

If you don't believe all this, I put to you the question: "Do you really think our Cosmic World has all happened without it being the work of an Incredible, Inexplicable, Almighty Symphonic Mind, of such Intelligence and Power as to fill the minds of His creatures with incomprehensible wonder?" (Isaiah 42:5)

I beg you to 'think again', as you ponder the question of legitimising morally illicit behaviours which constitute fundamentally disordered use of the 'sexual-generative-powers' given to us - the powers which enable us to share in the exercise and fulfilment of the Divinity's own Child-Creating-Plan.

May your consciousness be always aware of His Ever-Presence. (Romans 1:20; Acts 4:10-12; 17:28)

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter