To My Children

Your mother and I will not always be with you.

I want you to understand that, yes, I was your father, and your mother was your mother, from the time your lives began in this world as our children and members of our family, which was not forever.

But now, I want you to understand that we, you and me and your mother, are, together with every other person, the children of God the Father of us all, Who made us to be His children forever, in His family which is forever.

He is your true Father. He is the One who has given to each of us our life, born to live in our worldly families which do not last forever; and after this, for us to be born again into His Eternal Heavenly Everlasting Family. (John 3:3-7 & 1 Peter 1:16,23)

This whole world will pass away, but Heaven will never pass away. Heaven is our true home for which God has made us from the beginning, and that is why we must prepare ourselves now, to meet our Heavenly Father when our Life here finishes and our heavenly Life begins.
(“When you are risen from the shall be as the angels in heaven.” Mark 12:25)
(“Eternal life is to know the Father and Jesus Christ whom He has sent.” John 17:3)

Sadly, some people do not want to be born again into His Everlasting Family; so, these people can never come to know Him as their Father or the life they would have shared eternally with Him as His children in Heaven. (Matthew 19:14; Mark 10:14-15, Luke 18:16; Romans 8:14-17; Galatians 3:26;4:6)

God loves us, and it is for Heaven that He made us; you, me, your mother, everyone.
He has given us everything we have and are; Christ came into the world to call us
all to come home with Him to Our Father's house where we are to live forever.
He doesn't force us. The choice is ours. (Ecclesiasticus 15:18; Apocalypse 21:6-7; 22:13-17)

May we all go 'home' together... (Micheas 4:3)