The Pope is a Charlatan

I find it almost unbelievable, that I could ever think, say, believe, or go so far as to write such a thing of a pope. Yet, here I am, posing such description as being validly applicable to the one who has taken the name of 'Francis'.

A 'charlaton' is "one who falsely 'claims' - or in Francis's case, falsely 'believes' he has the expertise to act in a certain area for which he is proven to be patently unfit." His actions and words belie his suitability for the role. He acts as one believing his suitability, but the contrary nature of the fruits of his actions and words expose the serious danger he is to the faith and well-being of the Church. He has become, in his contradictions, as an 'impostor', in pretence of a true pope. It is alleged (and documented) that his election was canonically invalid.

Example 1. Those who are faithful to the traditions of the Church and its teachings are berated by him as being 'idealogues' and 'fanatics' without the true spirit of the faithful. This applies to all those who, in his face stand for: the true Biblical gospel teachings, the unchanging Divine Commandments and the unchanging tenets of the Catechism.

Example 2. Fr James Martin, a pro-homosexual priest, has Francis appoint him as a "Consultor to the Vatican's Secretariate for Communications." A priest who works tirelessly for Church acceptance of these sinful practices as being not seriously disordered, but 'different'. Francis has allowed him free reign to promote his agenda, and has himself famously declared of the practices, "Who am I to Judge." He has forgone his duty to proclaim the truly unnatural nature of homosexuality, its sinfulness, and the danger it poses to the eternal well-being of its adherents. Natural Law insists the right use of the sex faculties must always accord with the complementary unitary, procreative design of the faculties which have their origin in the Divine Mind.

Example 3. This pope has awarded the high honour of a medal titled "Commander of the Equestrian Order of St Gregory the Great" to a woman architect of "The Safe Abortion Fund", also known to be in strong support of homosexuality, same-sex marriage and LGBTI practices.

Example 4. This pope has facilitated the receiving of Holy Communion by people who have divorced and remarried without annulment, who can now determine for themselves 'in accompaniment with a priest', that they can forego the dictates of Holy Scripture and the Commandments and receive the Most Holy Sacrament. He lays challenge to the Divine Mind.

Example 5. Islam lays claim for itself to have supplanted Christianity as the true faith. (Koran 3:19) Henceforth, all 'unbelievers' and 'confuters' of Islam shall find their destiny to be 'the fire'. (35:36) This shall therefore include all Christians and Christ Himself as the Supreme confuter of Islam. Does this pope, in the face of Islam's claim, defend Christ, and promote Christ's message to the world that He alone is the world's only Saviour, that all are to come to Him for their salvation? No!
He declares Islam to be a religion of peace and calls its Koran - 'sacred'.
Who does he really serve?
(The list goes on...)

Beware this pope's every word!

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter

26th February 2019