God - The Supreme Artist

(Consider the endless wonders He has made.)

God, the Wonder Upon Endless Wonders, has created within His Eternity, a Universe housing inanimate and animate creatures which He has actualised from among the seeds of ideas which emanate from within the depths of the mystery of His Eternal Mind.

(Every living man-creature He has made He has placed in a seed to develop and unfold to its maturity, having discovered first itself, and then its world, and from there - to meet the challenge to discover for itself the Source of his/her own origin.)

He has given us - His 'man-creatures', minds with capacity to contemplate as does His own Mind contemplate, forever, the Wonder of His own Divine Infinity. In this, He has "created man in His Own Image." (Genesis 1:26-27)

In His desire for children, the Divinity has given for His children themselves to have this same desire for children within themselves - a reflection of His own desire - giving them to participate, as parents to share in His generation and multiplication of children created in His own image.

In this sharing of His parenthood we come to understand the mind and love of the parenting heart of the One Who has made us to share, as family, in the wonder of His own Tri-une communal family eternity - Our Father...forever...

He is our 'Abba', Father. We are all - His children. (Acts 17:28)

"Unless you become as a little child,
you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven."
(Mark 10:13-15)

Alan Mitter
26th November 2018
Revised 16th June 2019