Dear Editor,

In respect of Kate Campbell's report, "Gay 'Crimes' quashed", 'News', 29/11/2017, re: Premier Mark McGowan's formal apology to those previously convicted of homosexual 'crimes'.

Should I also apologise for saying, "A law NOT in harmony with (God's) Natural Law, is NOT a true law at all, but a corruption of true law?"

Should I apologise for saying, "The use of one's sex faculties with a person of the same gender does NOT accord with their designed NATURAL usage?"

Is it NOT a lie, and irrational, for anyone to say, "Such behaviours are NOT in open conflict with Natural Law?"

Premier Mark McGowan, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and all who are with them, would have us believe, these naturally UNNATURAL behaviours have always been NATURALLY legitimate. How might they demonstrate their claim accords with right reason?

Thanks to these (mis)LEADING people, our society has now reached its 'Age of Enlightenment' wherein the 'intrinsically wrong' has become the 'intrinsically right', and the patent 'lie' has become the 'truth'.

O let us all repent of ever having 'discriminated' against anyone's proclaimed 'right' to openly choose for themselves the doing of what is, in its very nature, intrinsically unnatural and wrong. Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea maxima culpa!

O may we nevermore dare open our mouths to defend the doing of what is intrinsically 'right', in the face of the doing of what is intrinsically 'wrong'.
Let us all muzzle the truth, and bow down to the politically correct!

Let us all rejoice in the 'light' of this new 'Age of Endarkenment', together.

"Leaders! (Turnbull and McGowan) Lead on, to the Abyss!"

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter