Pope Francis and Islam

An open letter to: His Holiness, Pope Francis

(Please note: I have also sent a copy to Pope Emeritus Benedict xvi, neither Pope nor Benedict have replied.)

Your Holiness,

Please find a suggested approach you might, in your Papal Office, adopt to collectively address Muslims, and a world, in dire need of such an all-embracing Messianic Apostolic Address.

It is impossible to equate Islam with peaceful religions when its oft-stated goal is to ultimately bring the whole world to subjection (enslavement) under its Shariah Law. ('Believers' and 'unbelievers' alike.)

To my mind it is clear: Islam will continue to be a problem until Muslims and the whole world have been brought to understand how Muhammad was, from the beginning, deceived by an 'angel' masquerading as the Archangel Gabriel. (2 Corinthians 11:14) The angel's deceptions were sufficient to have Muhammad believe him to be God's own messenger, whose words to Muhammad were eventually formulated into what became their 'Holy Book', the Koran, a construct mixture of truths and lies designed from its inception to challenge the veracity of the Divinity's own true Judeo- Christian-Messianic religion , claiming for itself to be, " the only true faith in God's sight " (Koran 3:19) with instruction to Islamic 'believers' to " take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. " (Koran 5:51) In this, the angel is exposed to be, not God's Archangel Messenger, Gabriel, but His Arch-enemy, Satan, the "father of lies" (John 8:44) who appeared to Muhammad as an "angel of light". (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

The falsity of this ideology in its origin must be made clear to the world, and especially to Muslims.

Is it not the Church's job to preach Christ the Messiah as the world's only Saviour? (Acts 2:1-40; 4:12) This is what the Apostles and other disciples did. They steadfastly defended and proclaimed, in the face of all opposition, the singular truths of the Messiah and the falseness of all other 'gods'.

He came as Saviour to us all saying, "No-one can come to the Father except by Me," (John 14:6) He opened heaven's door to the Jews and we gentiles. And now, He has given His Church, the Church of the gentiles, the job of opening heaven's door for the Muslims; gently but firmly, in the face of their fourteen centuries of dogged, misguided intransigent belief. Only 'God-in-His-Son' could save us. Now, it is for 'God-in-us' to save the Muslim.

The radical Muslim is at war with Peace, but the way of Peaceful Education will defeat him.

Please consider addressing the world in the manner of my enclosed suggested form of address. (Muslims and the world need hear the lesson, and then have transcript publicly available for their study and reflection. I wonder, due to the importance of such a lesson, whether an 'encyclical' type of publication could be made available?)

God love you always. Only His will be done.

Longing for the day when Islam and all such delusions are brought
to nothing in the all-consuming Light of the Lamb of God.
"What I tell you in the night, shout from the rooftops in the morning."
(Paraphrase of Matthew 10:27)

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter

29th September 2016


Holy Father Francis,

It is important to note, it is not intended that Muslims should in any way feel threatened or accused as being in any way personally responsible for the deceits and contradictions the Scriptures have exposed to be existing in their Koran. They are all innocent victims of the deceits, and so must feel that we approach them only with respect and love for them, desiring only that they might join us as one in recognising with us the wonder of the love the Saviour-Son-of-God has for us all.

With this in mind:
The problems the world faces with regard to Islam have nothing to do with individual Muslims. (Many of them also suffer and are opposed to the methods of Islam's miltant arm.) The problems are due to the nature of the ideology itself, clearly exposed in its origin, to be the work of a fallen angel (Satan) who appeared to Muhammad claiming to be the Archangel Gabriel. (Koran 2:97-98) The fallen angel appeared to him "as an angel of light", (2 Corinthians 11:14) an 'angel' whose words were eventually formulated to form their 'Holy Book', the Koran. He wasn't Gabriel! He was a deceiving imposter, exposed by his CONTRADICTING of the words spoken by the TRUE Angel Gabriel, when Gabriel appeared to the Virgin at the time of her miraculous conceiving of the Messiah in her virginal womb, Whom he declared to be the "Son-of-God." (Luke 1:19, 26-38) Noting: Isaiah's (7:14) prophecy, "A virgin shall bear a Son and He will be called Emmanuel/God-with-us", and the prophet Micheas (5:2) declaring, "Out of Bethlehem shall He come Whose going forth is from the Beginning, from the days of Eternity."

"No!" Says Muhammad's angel, "The Messiah is no more than an Apostle!" (Koran 4:171; 5:75)
"It is impossible that God should have a son!" (Paraphrase of Koran 19:88)
This angel was a lying deceiver. (John 8:44) And his Koran is a construct mixture of truths and lies designed at its inception to challenge the veracity of the Divinity's own true Messianic religion, with its claim to be, in Gabriel's words, "the only true faith in God's sight" (Koran 3:19) with instruction to Islamic-believers to "take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends." (Koran 5:51) (How could these words possibly be construed to be the words of the TRUE Archangel Gabriel???) Muslims today must be brought to realise they are still living, in their own lives today, 1400 years later, the consequences of Muhammad's vulnerability to his imposter-angel's lying deceptions.

The only way to save the Muslim and the world from Islam's deceptions is to face their Islamic world with the truths of the Messiah, Who is their Saviour-Messiah too. He came to save them as much as He came to save you and me, and all! He alone is the Saviour of every-man. His, is "the only Name under Heaven given to Man by Whom we can be saved." (Acts 4:12) (Man will never be saved by a Muhammad, his false angel, by a Buddah, or by anyone, or anything, else!)

My website www.islamandthemessiah.com exists only to help save Muslims from the deceptions of the lying, contradicting 'angel-source' of their Koranic ideology. Is this not the Church's job? God-in-His-Son came into the world to save us. Now, it is for 'God-in-us' to save the Muslim.

Please consider addressing the world in the manner of my Proposed Papal Address. God love you always.

Longing for the day when Islam and all such delusions are brought
to nothing in the all-consuming light of the Lamb of God.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter

22nd February 2017