Dear Francis,


("Heaven and earth shall pass away, but My Words shall NOT pass away - Matthew 24:35)

I make no apology for speaking to you in this way. You give every appearance of compromising and selling out the faith.

It seems you are all about creating your own 'Catholic' Universal 'Church' which shall have no resemblance to the One True Church the Saviour placed into the hands of His faithful Apostles and disciples all as prophesied by His prophet Daniel. (Daniel 2:44)

Your 'Church', it seems, is to be a 'Church' of all the world's 'faiths', loosely amalgamated into a coalition of believers, who believe in a 'diety', as each one perceives the Diety to be. This is NOT the Church of the Messiah, the world's only Saviour. This is Not the 'Church' of the prophets, of the saints, of the Messiah, of His faithful Popes, with the Messiah asleep in the back of the boat with His faithful Peter at the helm.

(We are all exhorted to: 'Keep the traditions' - "Therefore, brethren, stand fast; and hold fast to the traditions you have learned, whether by our word, or by our epistle." 2 Thessalonians 2:14)

Under your watch, the traditional Church is becoming unrecognisable, as you seem to be working to transform it into a loose amalgam of disparate 'believers', for them to become a Church, NOT of the Christ, but of 'Francis'; NOT of the Messiah, but a 'church-of-all-faiths'.

No more is the Traditional One True Church of the Saviour, to be observable as the only truly valid Christ-Authority by which mankind may come to the Father. Such, is the message of your infidelity to Church teaching, which is becoming evermore clear in the 'teachings' you are sending to the world.

* You are the 'teacher' who will not clarify and make plain to his 'students' his teachings which bring into question, a confusion, which would apparently permit persons living in adulterous relationships to receive the Sacred Inviolable Sacrament of Holy Communion, while persisting in their state of irreconcilable rejection of the Divine Commandment, "Thou shalt not commit adultery!" (St Paul exhorts us all: "From all appearance of evil refrain yourselves."
1 Thessalonians 5:22)

* The Scriptures, it seems, may now be interpreted to suit oneself wherein the 'believer' can determine for him or herself what is to be a sin or not a sin. We can now effectively absolve ourselves from the sin of adultery and partake of the Sacred Mysteries...! Can we???!!! (Matthew 5:24; Mark 10:6-12)

* A 'gay' priest can be allowed to promote his agenda as a 'communications consultant' in the Vatican. Seriously disordered homosexual behaviours and relationships are advised to be described as "different", NOT "disordered". (Romans 1:16-28; 1:32)

* A faithful defender of Church teachings and practices, who dismisses from service a priest who is facilitating the dispensing of condoms as part of his duties of service to the community he is serving, is reinstated by you, and the faithful servant who dismissed him, is stood-down from his position by you.

* It is reported that according to you: The Eternal Uncreated God, Who alone is God, ''Cannot be God, without man". What is it that you really mean??? Is this yet another example of the 'confusions' you seem happy to create??? (Are we seriously to believe we are indispensable to God being God???)

The "I-Am-Who-AM", the "He-Who-Is", (Exodus 3:14) the One True God, Who exists Uncreated, from eternity to eternity, "the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, besides Whom there is no other God, or Being, Who IS Existence Itself." (Isaiah 42:5; 43:3,710-11,13; 44:6-8,24; 45:5,22. Apocalypse 22:13)

This is God, Who "Cannot BE God, without man???" - Certainly He is a God Who has now committed Himself to sharing His eternity with those of us who have sought and found Him, and so from now on He shall never be alone without us, but your statement can be interpreted to imply that we, the people He has created of His own will, have somehow become NECESSARY to Him - that he can no longer exist as God, without us? - we, who cannot, and do not, exist without His continuing benevolent gift? You must avoid such confusing statements which seem to be designed to invite contradiction. For Man to see himself as somehow being necessary to God being God, would tie him firmly to the first accursed sin of mankind's vanity and pride? (Isaiah 14:11-15)
God was God to the Angels BEFORE ever He was God to Man. (Apocalypse 12:7-9)

*According to you, the Islamic faith is to be accorded the same respect as is to be accorded to all other faiths; this 'faith' which is based upon the foundation laid by a lying 'angel-of-light' (2 Corinthians 11:14; John 8:44) who deceived his duped victim Muhammad into establishing a false counter-ideology designed, from its inception, to challenge the veracity of the Divinity's own ancient Hebrew-Jewish-Messianic religion, in order to create confusion and division among God's believing peoples - a "false-prophet's" ideology, whose teachings are such as "to deceive, if it be possible, God' own elect," (Matthew 24:24) - even a Pope.

The deceits of this 'faith' ARE sufficient to have you defend it as being a "religion of peace", this Koranic ideology which, in the face of the Divinity's own religion of the Messiah, declares itself to be, "the only true faith in God's sight," (Koran 3:19) with all others declared to be "Unbelievers" and "infidels" destined for hellfire". (3:9; 22:49; 35:36) Muslims will play their two-faced game, for as long as it takes, all the while establishing their own infrastructures in all of the communities into which they are accepted, but their singular ultimate goal is for them to subject the whole world to its Sharia Law under the banner of their one-god 'Allah' who they alone serve. Whoever believes otherwise, is simply another duped victim of their 'lying-false-angel-gabriel's' deceits. And you, dear Francis, are playing THEIR game. You seem to think THEY are playing YOUR'S, but underneath, they smile. Are you Christ's Pope? Who do you really serve? It's been reported you have said that atheist-doers of good works may be saved. (Romans 9:3-9,27,30-33; John 3:18) I pray for you, and a world which is witnessing your errant-permissive papal directives and paralysis in face of Allah-Islam's challenge to Christ's veracity.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter