The Papal Duty

An open Letter to His Holiness, Pope Francis,

Francis, Your duty as Pope and leader of the Church is to fearlessly present Christ to the world, NOT to loosely bring together into a loose amalgam, 'faiths' of all divergent and idolatrous persuasions. Christ is the world's only Saviour, King of kings and Lord of all, the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End, besides Whom there is no other God.

Your duty is to present Him to the world, such that the divergent 'faiths' in which there is no salvation can come to know and understand that indeed He is the One True God, and their Saviour too.

Instead, you serve only to confirm them in the deceptions and false notions of their traditions and convictions. Yours, is to explain to them in a Worldwide Address why, and how, Christ is their only Saviour too, and that His is the only Name given to the world by Whom we can be saved.

At present you do not present as faithful to the traditions of the Apostles who fearlessly presented Christ to the world in the face of all idolatry and presumed beliefs.

Yours, is not to cater to these 'faiths' which hold their adherents devoid of the true knowledge of the Christ Who is their only Saviour too. Christ said we are to go into the whole world and teach everyone the things He has commanded to be taught, and to shake the dust off our feet from those who will not accept the truth of His teaching.

Your 'way' prevents them all from ever properly hearing and facing up to the falseness of their ideologies, particularly in the case of the idolatrous Islamic Koranic ideology, which condemns the fundamental truth of Christianity that Christ is indeed the Son of God. They teach that to teach He is the Son of God is a monstrous falsehood - that to teach such, is an abomination. (19:88)

They condemn Christianity. They teach Islam has supplanted it. They teach, henceforth, "Islam is the only true faith in God's sight." (3:19) In their eyes you lead a false religion over which their Allah shall ultimately triumph - their Allah who sanctions the evil marrying of a six year old child to a mature man, a 'marriage' which can be consummated when the child is nine - truly, an abomination! An Allah, who sanctions a tradition of honour killings of those who desert the ideology. (e.g. Mario Joseph.) An Allah who is NOT the Tri-une God.

Islamists play along with you, with the ultimate goal of subjecting you and the whole world to their Shariah 'law'. You are their dupe. They love to hear you defend their Islam as a 'religion of peace'.

Have you ever studied what the Koran really teaches, with its denunciations of the realities which Christ has charged His Church and followers to bring and fearlessly teach throughout the world - His Divinity, His Divine Sonship, His Name as the only Name by which the whole of mankind can be saved, that there is no other Saviour but Him, and that no man shall ever come to the Father except by and through Him, that God is indeed a Communal Unity of three Divine Persons and why, and how, the Divinity's Messiah is indeed the Son of God?

Refer to my SUGGESTED FORM of a 'UNIVERSAL PAPAL ADDRESS' which is included on my website:

Francis, it is your singular privilege in your position as Pope, to simultaneously bring the whole world's attention to why, and how, the Christ IS the world's one and only Saviour, by delivering to it, at a pre-announced time, the above proposed, 'Universal Papal Address'. This would surely prove to be the most significant achievement of your tenure as Pope.

God be with you, and bless you, and give you the grace necessary for you to 'Address the World' - as being your most fundamental duty to His Messiah and His world. (Could you possibly imagine the Messiah treating the other world religions and ideologies as being valid, as you indeed do, and the Christ 'kissing' the Koran as did John Paul II, and you 'kissing' it too, if not actually - kissing it figuratively, by declaring it 'sacred' in your 'Evangelii Gaudium, paragraph 252???)

"We should boast of nothing but the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ;
through Him the world is crucified to us, and we to the world."
(Galatians 6:14)

O Eternal Godhead, One in Three, endlessly adorable for Eternity.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter

8th August 2018
Feast of St Mary of the Cross