Papal Anomalies 2017

("...and the cock crowed." Mark 14:30; 70-72)
("If you love me keep my commandments." John 14:15)

To Pope Francis,

In 2000 years of Church History, no Pope has ever set aside the doctrines of Sacred Scripture and the Messiah's own decrees concerning adultery to countenance openly adulterous persons to be able to freely partake of the Sacred Eucharistic Mysteries at their own will....Until now!

When a person is living in an adulterous relationship in open contempt of the Divine Laws (Deuteronomy 5:18; Matthew 19; Mark 10) which categorically forbid such associations as being intrinsically sinful, then it is incumbent upon (the bounden duty of) the Ecclesiastical Authority to clearly affirm the irrevocable admonitions of the Divinity's Sacred Commandments. The personal wishes and dispositions of those errant persons desiring admittance to partake of the Sacred Mysteries is irrelevant to the Scriptural Commandment which clearly forbids their participation without their uncompromising fidelity to its injunctions. Having strayed from these, should these persons sincerely wish to participate they must bring themselves into a state of spiritual fidelity and respect for the requirements of the Divine Commandments which would thereby enable them, through due process, to partake of the Sacramental Mysteries. Only then, might they be licitly admitted. This, is the Papal duty to affirm.

For the Church Authority to facilitate such aberrant, morally illicit, arbitrary participation in the Sacred Mysteries is for those in authority to render themselves, thereby, complicit in the presumptive illicit participation of those who are Scripturally irrevocably forbidden to take part.

Further, the current Holy Father openly places himself at odds with the Saints of History who have all uniformly, in their own historical times, condemned the false ideology of Islam which operates in serious open doctrinal conflict with the Divinity's own religion of the Messiah. In truth, this ideology condemns the Messiah Himself to hell-fire in company with all those "Unbelievers" who doctrinally reject Islam's own claim to be "the only true faith in the sight of the Divinity." (Koran 3:19; 35:36)

This Holy Father steadfastly (to date: November 2023) has refused to defend and present to the Islamic world the truth of the Jewish Messiah as being "the world's only Saviour", who set up the Divinity's own Church of Salvation 600 years before Islam was established in consequence of an 'Archangel-Gabriel-impersonator-angel-pretender', who deceived a vulnerable Muhammad into establishing this ideology with its sole purpose of supplanting the Divinity's own religion with its own lies and deceptions posing as divine truth. This 'angel' was an unashamed adversary of the True Divinity.

This ideology openly denounces fundamental doctrines of the Divinity's own religion and this Pope embraces and defends the false ideology as being "a religion of peace". What has happened to the 'Voice-of-the-Messiah's-own-Church' which has, throughout the course of the history of the world, defended and presented the Christ-Messiah as being the world's only Saviour, and the falseness of all other 'gods'? Who, of the Church, in times past, has ever sided with seriously misled sincere persons, as now, with this Pope siding with an ideology which boasts false doctrines which combine to consign the Saviour Himself to hell-fire, as an "Unbeliever", together with all who, through the centuries, have become "Unbelievers" with Him? (Koran 35:36) When will this Pope tell them the truth?

How can this Pope not defend the purity of the Scriptures? How can he rationalise the breaking of the Lord's own Commandment with regard to adultery? How may remarried persons who have not had the Church Authority declare their original marriage null and void be allowed Holy Communion without it having been clearly established that there was an impediment to the marriage clearly present at the time vows were exchanged, to thus render it to have never been a true marriage in the first place? (Impediments such as: polygamy; a party not prepared to parent children; a party without intention of being steadfastly faithful to their spouse; a party consenting under a coercion to marry against their true will...etc.)

We must remember St Paul's exhortation: "Refrain from ever giving any appearance of evil". (1 Thessalonians 1:22)

This Pope, in several ways, is compromising the traditions and his role as Defender of the True Faith:

And the Lord God said, "...he who has My word, let him speak My word with truth;...Are not My words as a fire: and as a hammer that breaks rocks? Behold, I am against those who cause My people to err by their lying dreams and their wonders when I have not sent them to teach these things, nor have I commanded them." (e.g. When they sanction the doing away with My Commandment.) (paraphrase of Jeremiah 23:28-32.)

"I see the wickedness of adulterers, and the way of the lying 'prophets' who strengthen errant hands that they should not repent of their wicked ways, and so they become unto Me as Sodom, and the inhabitants of Gomorrha." (Jeremiah 23:14)

"Shall a man hide in secret places, and I not see him? Do I not fill heaven and earth? I hear and see the 'prophets' teaching lies in My Name." (Jeremiah 23:24-25)

"Thus says the Lord of Hosts: Hearken not to the words of these false prophets who prophesy to you, and deceive you: they speak a vision of their own heart, not that which comes out of the mouth of the Lord." (Jeremiah 23:16)

"Lord, Thou hast commanded that Your Commandments be kept most diligently." (Psalm 118:4)
"Let me not stray from them." (Psalm 118:10)
"I have chosen the way of Your Truth." (Psalm 118:30)
"I sought Your Commandments, and have spoken unashamedly of Thy testimonies before kings." (Psalm 118:45-46)

Francis, please refer to my previous submissions to you dated 22nd February 2017; 20th November 2016 and 29th September 2016 appealing to you to take opportunity now to address Muslims and the whole world as to how, and why, the Christ-Messiah is theirs and our only Saviour - sent by the Father to fulfil the Perpetual Covenant He made with Abraham so long ago. Especially see, the format for a suggested "Papal Address", therein.

In the whole history of the world, as never before, now is the time for such "Papal Universal Address" to be made. Muslims and the world must not be muzzled from the 'Food-of-the-Truths' of God's Messiah as the world's only Saviour, just as the Scripture says: "Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treads out the corn." (Deuteronomy 5:4; 1 Corinthians 9:9; 1 Timothy 5:18), must God's children not be muzzled from partaking of the food of His truth....

May He give you the grace and love for His Truth, sufficient to enable you to deliver a Universal Address capable of penetrating deep into the hearts and souls of all Muslims and all believing and unbelieving peoples throughout the world.


Francis, at the moment, your current appeasing policy is serving only to confirm the Muslim in the deceits of his belief.

In the face of Muslims and the world, we stand for Christ, His promotion and defence, or we stand not at all!

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
18th January 2017