Ode of the Atheist

O thank you Nothing from which all has come, Your miracles for all to see.
That, being nothing, yet, you have brought forth all that has come to be.

By Your mindless operations, You have conceived the whole Creation.
You have engineered parts and counterparts, harmonious in their co-operation.
Things of matter, and things of mind, things of every conceivable kind;
existing, ever-changing, in a dimension of time.

O Blessed Mindless Nothingness, which has brought forth minds to see,
such order, such beauty, such symmetry.
I see Your work, I observe Your laws,
I acknowledge, Sweet Nothing, O You are their Cause.

O Blessed Nothingness, with Mindless Accidents at Your right-hand,
by, and through whose operations, all things stand;
You reign supreme in the world of time.

Thank you for life, intellect and being.
Thank you for the joy of seeing.
Thank you for You, and thank you for me;
that once, I was not; and that now I be.

Thank you, once blind, and that now I see,
the truth, the wonder, and the power, of Non-entity.