(McEnroe slams divisive tennis legend)

Dear Editor,

"Celebrated Court still cops serve" (News 28/1/2020) illustrates perfectly the two fundamental conflicting perspectives operating in our world society with its brickbats and roses.

Put simply, one has the governing focus of life in this world with the humanist-man at its centre; while the other has the God-Origin of the Cosmic Creation as his life-governing focus. This view sees this life as preliminary to our being welcomed into eternal life as children of the Divine-Origin of us all.

The humanist is free to make his own rules, which are forever changeable according to 'the prevailing spirit of the populace of the day'. What has been deemed immoral and unethical at one time may quickly be overturned and deemed moral and ethical by any prevailing whim of the people. The society is answerable to none but itself. The people's parliament ratifies the majority's desire and determines what behaviours are henceforth to be acknowledged and respected as being 'politically correct'! This is 'situation ethics' at work, and what pleases 'the people of the day' - no matter if the nature of an action or behaviour is innately immoral - it may be done, and any protest may be legally rejected and legal penalties foisted upon a complainant. What is intrinsically true is of no account. Man has become the measure of all things. He is not bound by the strictures of moral law. His 'amoral' mind allows him to pursue and participate in, and ratify as acceptable any activity in whichever direction his passions move him. He is a slave to his passions and to whatever seems compatible with what allows him to exercise his autonomy within the limits of what a generally amoral laissez-faire society deems 'permissible'.

Without the strictures of moral law he can disregard that every human life is sacrosanct and sanction the killing of the innocent unborn child. He can sanction sexual behaviours which seriously compromise the so obviously intelligently designed correct usage of the M & F unitary complementary faculties. How absolutely repugnant it is to see persons of the same gender lauded in public as being in morally legitimate relationships. Amoral behaviours violate every truly rational thought. And morally destitute governments as well as legalising the above have also rendered themselves legally complicit in the self-murderous-suicidal acts of those who seek to die at a time of their own choosing and purposeful act. This is the world which chooses to live blind to the presence of its Divine Origin, without Whose incredible gift it would simply not exist.

On the other hand, when the Origin-God is recognized as being the Supreme measure in Whose Light all things are to be rightly understood we have His Divine Laws to clearly spell out for us the limitations and lawful boundaries within which we are to rightly govern our own personal lives.

A society with a truly infinite perspective would never witness the verbal persecutions boldly meted out upon those who bravely defend what is right in the face of humanistic amorality.

Daily, we are experiencing the chaotic fruits spawned of a largely morally destitute society.

The ignored Divinity, in the face of so much contempt for His Laws for right living, nonetheless calls out His warnings to us. Fear the second death - which awaits those contemptuous of Him.

It is with much love, the brave call out His warnings. He wants for not even one to be lost in hell.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
29th January 2020