Life and Death

My whole quest and search from my youth
was to solve the supreme,
and apparently unsolvable mystery,
of my life in a world of Life and death.

I had to find the answer
death had its way with me.
We had life.
Why couldn't we always have it?

I knew there was an answer because we,
and the whole Creation,
have all happened somehow,
so the answer surely existed:
It was therefore possible for it to be found
but where was the answer?

It took 10 years for me to find that eternal
life is in our Spirit, and that the Source (Romans 8: 9)
of our eternal lives is Eternal Spirit, (John 3:6,7)
with the capacity to historically manifest Itself
as the man Jesus Christ, the incarnated,
Eternal Son of God our Eternal Father.
(1 John 4:9,14; 5:7)

Who allowed Himself to be slaughtered;
So He could demonstrate to the world
His eternal power and capacity to triumph over death;
Himself, with the Father, being the Source of our life.
(John 5:26,40 & 1 Corinthians 15: 34-57)

He has promised all who come to believe in Him
that He will raise them up in the last day
to everlasting life with Him and the Father.
(John 5:24; 6:39,40,44,47; 17:3; Mark 12:25)

To the Jews who resisted Him He said
"you will not come to Me that you may have life."
To everyone He says, "Come to Me... "
(Matthew 11:28; John 5:40; 10:28; Revelation 22:17)

"Behold the eyes of the Lord are upon those who fear Him,
and on those who hope in His mercy,
to deliver their souls from death."
(Psalm 32:18-19)