To QLD Law Reform Commission

Submission Re: Review of Termination of Pregnancy Laws - December 2017

The Commission asks for submissions to address one or more of 20 listed questions. I choose only Question 1, which asks:

"Who should be permitted to perform, or assist in performing, lawful terminations of pregnancy?"

The answer, in the light of Natural Law is, NO ONE!

A Civil Law which does not accord with Natural Law, in its very nature, is a corruption of law.

The questions must be asked:
Who is the owner of a person's life? The answer, is in the question.

Who owns the mother's life? Patently obvious - the mother.

Who owns the unborn baby's life? The mother? Of course not!

The baby's life is singularly its own.

Who then may 'lawfully', justly, steal from the baby the possession of its own inviolable, innocent life? Its mother? A surgeon?

Natural Law insists every parent's first duty is to see to, and nurture, the well-being of the child.

How then may any Government Authority ever, justly, render itself party to stealing from the child, its sacrosanct life?

The answer, of course, is never! Such, is simply not 'justly', possible.

Bring this scenario into 'The Court of The Just Judge'.

All parties to the theft must face the question: "How do you plead to the charge?" They can only ever, justly plead, "Guilty!" Guilty, in company with all who share, world-wide, in the performance of these heinous theft-crimes committed against the humanity of defenceless unborn citizens. What other judgement, but 'Guilty as charged', could the 'Just Judge' possibly deliver? And what penalty?

Please now refer to my accompanying previous submission to Parliamentarians regarding this same matter.

Dear Member of Parliament,


How may any government or politician of right conscience choose to ignore the entitlements decreed in the

"Whereas the child, by reason of his physical and mental immaturity, needs special safeguards and care,
including appropriate legal protection, before as well as after birth."


  1. The human progenitor cell, from the moment of fertilisation, contains the complete genetic identity of a unique human life, (or lives, if applicable) of the same human nature as every other human being. A new life has begun, and it is already reaching towards the realisation and fulfilment of its own individual destiny. From its beginning, its humanity attributes to it the same fundamental human rights possessed by every other human being. Any act which would violate its human integrity and well-being, in denial of any of its rights, particularly any act which would deprive it of life itself, constitutes a crime against the innocent humanity of the person in process of emerging from its mystery.
  2. No person 'owns' another human life/being.
    Each person is the sole owner and possessor of his/her own life.
  3. No person has a right to direct any action upon another human life/being which is contrary to that person's good or welfare. No right exists whereby a person may violate the dignity and integrity of another's inviolable life.
  4. Every human life/being is equal in status to every other human being in that they are all beings of the same human nature. As such, they all enjoy the same human rights to legal protection of their Life and Liberty, that all may pursue the fulfilment of their individual lives and happiness in freedom.
  5. No person has the right to: arbitrarily touch, interfere with, manipulate or deliberately interrupt, suspend, or impede the natural growth and development of the life of another. (e.g. by freezing.) Nor does a person have a right to arbitrarily use, discard or destroy any life that is human. This applies from the beginning of that life's journey at conception, right through till its natural or accidental end.
  6. No one therefore, has a right to artificially create new human lives in the practice of IVF because this process, with all of its associated practices, involves violating the humanity, integrity and rights of incipient human lives in all, or some, of the aforementioned ways. The process, in its violations, is intrinsically immoral.
  7. Equally, no right exists to prevent the natural growth and development of innocent lives in the lethal practice of procured abortion. The lethal act criminally violates the universality of every human right.
  8. Similarly, there is no right to act to harm or terminate ones own inviolable life, or to assist in the consensual harm to, and termination of, another's inviolable life, in the practice of voluntary euthanasia.

In conclusion, all of the above acts (procured abortion, all IVF procedures, including cloning, and voluntary euthanasia) violate the integrity and dignity of the human person. All such acts are thereby clearly intrinsically immoral and forbidden under Natural Moral Law.

Every Civil Law, to be truly just, must comply with Natural Law.

True love permits/does no harm, not even to one. True Law permits no evil, not even to one.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter