Lasting Good

(In a world which does not last.)

Dear Soul,

Do you want 'lasting' good?
Lasting good cannot be found in that which does not itself, 'last' - in a world which itself is transitory and passing. We ourselves are here but for a short time, transitory and passing, as are every one of those with whom we live and love.

How might we want for those we love, 'lasting' good - 'everlasting good', which itself is not transitory or passing? Is this not what we want for ourselves and all those we love? Who is it we love? Does our love not include every soul without number - every soul ever born, and every soul yet to be born? We are all of the same needs and cares and loves. Are we not all, but one family?

So, where might I find for those I love, the 'lasting' good I so desperately want for them? Where might I look for what is indeed everlasting? Only this do I want for us all. Every last one of us. There is not one that I would lose. Not one!

How, in a transitory world could anything 'everlasting' ever be found?
So, this is a search for the seemingly impossible. But the desperate searcher cannot stop his search. He watches, he waits, he listens, he listens, and waits...
There is a voice ever within him which says, there must be an answer, somewhere,
to such a fervent desire which arises in the human heart.

Then, without warning, after years of waiting, comes a voice, a voice with a story from ancient times of One whose dwelling is Eternity. It resonates with his desire, because only that which is of Eternity Itself could possibly satisfy this desire.

There came story of an Eternal One Who exists from Eternity to Endless Eternity - Whose Nature and Being is Existence Itself - The Creator Source of all other beings which have come to be - beings, including ourselves, which have all, inexplicably, received our existence from that which there is no immediately apparent Cause.

And so the story proceeds, with the Ancient Biblical account of the Creation, with its prophecies of events and persons who will emerge to take their place in history.

The most spectacular prophecies all relate to the future entrance into the world of a Messiah-Saviour, Who would be born of a Virgin Maid in Bethlehem, whose name would be 'Emmanuel' which means - 'God with us'. After centuries of waiting He, the Christ-Messiah, came and has been Scripturally and historically attested to have fulfilled all of the long prophesied events regarding His Saving Mission in our world. He alone, has now become our whole hope for the eternal 'lasting good' of us all, in His role as Saviour of all who will answer His call to come to Him for our life - as the Living Manifestation in the world of our unseen Eternally Uncreated Life Source.
(Isaiah 7:14; 9:6-8; 35:4-6; 42:13; 43:3,7,10-11; 44:24; 53:1-12; 54:5; 57:15; 59:20-21)

Dear Soul, I pray you too, will discover as I did, that our 'lasting good' may only ever be found with Him, our Creator Source's Prophesied Messiah. It is His Eternity that He wishes us to share in, as our own. He awaits our asking it of Him. Please ask... Ours, is not to live day to day, but to live each day as a day of travel towards the Light of the Messiah's Own Unending Eternal Day.

Christ says: "I am the resurrection and the life, who believes in Me, tho' he be dead, he shall live." (Jn.11:25; 10:28)
A Prayer: O God, help me and everyone to believe, and find in Your Messiah our Eternal Day of 'Everlasting Good'.

Yours Sincerely,

Alan Mitter
29th August, 2018