Dream: An Ill Wind

Many years ago I had a dream.

I was looking down upon an idyllic scene - a swimming pool with snack and drinks bar - people in and out of the water, many with their wine glasses sipping away - all having a frolicsome time.

And as I watched, of a sudden, it was as though a wind came upon them all. As one, they all went mad. They destroyed the whole venue, including the pool itself. How they did that I don't know, but the water cascaded out of the place into its surrounds as the scene ended for me.

Today, for me, I am witnessing a similar occurrence. It seems there is a wind of madness blowing over our whole society with voices proclaiming from the rooftops that it is okay for people of the same sex to live and love together as is natural only for persons of M & F genders.

Plainly, same-sex relationships fly in the face of nature, and just as the madness in the pool of my dream, the madness of same-sex relationships is intent upon destroying the notion of what is the only true M & F marital relationship, so plainly rooted in nature itself.

For anyone to say it is right that people of the same gender should be free to express their love for one another in the same way as do people of the opposite and complementary genders, is to go to war with right-reason itself. All proponents stand together as victims of the same wind of madness.

O sanity, how fragile is your grasp!