Dear Editor,

The thread of each human life begins at conception; at the moment the progenitor cell is created.

The deliberate abortive act of terminating a pregnancy breaks the thread of life pre-birth, the same thread which, when deliberately broken post-birth is universally acknowledged to be murder.

Can a line be drawn between what is HUMAN LIFE and what is THE LIFE OF A PERSON? Each implies the other. HUMAN LIFE is necessarily THE LIFE OF A PERSON. Thus to destroy the embryonic or foetal human life is to destroy the person. To deliberately destroy the person is to commit wilful murder.

Abortion-murder must be condemned for what it truly is, and society's most vulnerable citizens must be afforded the full and effective protection of the law as is the due of every citizen, born or unborn.

Every nation must accept responsibility for the welfare of its children, and every mother given every support she needs to enable her to carry her child to term. Should she not be able to accept or care for her child beyond this point, the duty of the State is clear. It must provide facility for the child to be adopted into a suitable loving, caring and welcoming home, especially the homes of the infertile.

Currently, there is no greater national disgrace than the reality that our Australian society is party to the murdering of approx. 100,000 of our unborn citizens every year. How is it possible for the human conscience to bear such a burden? Our innocents cry out to heaven against us.

It must also be recognised that IVF practices are equally culpable in their disregard of the inviolable nature of every innocent vulnerable life created in their laboratories, sacrificed and expended as Collateral Damage in pursuit of their goal of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Natural Law determines that no person is free, in justice, to violate the person, rights or possessions of another, so there is no such thing as a 'right' to even touch these innocents unless it be for their own health-benefit and welfare.

Abortion and IVF practices are clearly in lethal breech of Natural Law as are the Civil Laws which facilitate and condone them to our culpable National disgrace.

For how long must we continue to offend......?

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter