Dear Parliamentarian,

This letter is about HUMAN RIGHTS and every Parliamentarian's duty, for the sake of the community, to legislatively recognise and uphold them.

It is self-evident that no person is free, in justice, to violate the person or rights of another; so, we are all bound under this NATURAL LAW to recognise, respect and uphold the INVIOLABILITY of every other person, SIMPLY BECAUSE HE/SHE IS A HUMAN BEING.

So, when does one become a human being?
Again, it is self-evident, and biologically proven, that the formation of the progenitor cell at conception is the BIOLOGICAL FIRST POINT of every person's life. From this FIRST POINT each life is a continuum, progressing through every subsequent phase of formation, growth and development natural to the human person. Being the life of a PERSON, it follows that the person is in possession of his/her own life FROM ITS FIRST POINT and, accordingly, FROM THAT POINT is owed the respect and status of its personhood. This is its rightful claim in JUSTICE; as testified to in NATURAL LAW; and so it must be rightly testified to, and confirmed, in CIVIL LAW.

To put it another way: the NATURE of the conceived life is HUMAN, and human nature is endowed with intelligence and free will. These are the attributes which denote PERSONHOOD; and thus, human life once begun, ACCORDING TO ITS NATURE, must be accorded the status of its personhood. Being personal in its very nature, it is thus under the umbrella of EVERY person's NATURAL LAW 'RIGHT OF INVIOLABILITY', and this, from the very first moment its life began with the formation of its progenitor cell.

So, while NATURAL LAW determines each and every new life is created with the inherent 'RIGHT OF INVIOLABILITY'; what is the reality?

There is legislative approval and Government assistance, (and too many Members' insistence) for HUGE numbers of physically immature persons to be killed by procured abortion, while HUGE numbers of others are violated in the manner of their conception by technicians in laboratories, and then selected for implantation in a 'mother' uterus, or rejected, discarded, frozen, experimented upon, allowed to succumb, etc...; all when NOBODY had a 'right' to even touch them in the first place, unless it was to be for their own health-benefit and well-being.

Immature persons lives are used, abused, exploited, live and die in HUGE numbers, BEHIND CLOSED DOORS, under sanction of CORRUPT CIVIL LAWS which operate in blatant, and blind, contempt of NATURAL LAW, as they also operate in contempt of various International Human Rights Instruments to which the Australian Government is a hypocritical signatory.

Dear Parliamentarian, it is also self-evident that the duty of Parliaments, indeed the very reason they exist, is to protect the persons, rights and welfare of every citizen in their community, without distinction, respect to person, age or status. Not even one may be excluded from protection, without offence to justice. The duty of every Parliament and Parliamentarian is thus simple and clear. Please do your part, and duty, to ensure the 'RIGHT OF INVIOLABILITY' OF EVERY AUSTRALIAN LIFE is legislatively recognised, respected and protected from the moment it is conceived.

For the sake of the lives of countless vulnerable innocents and our national conscience, please act now with great urgency.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter