God or Bergodlio

(Who is it who can presume power to override the Commandment/s of God?)

Dear Pope Francis,

If you were doing your job, I wouldn't have to be writing to you...

You are at the helm of the barque of Peter to guide it safely through life's storms - not to create them. Yours it is, to hold the flock together, and to promote and defend the Christ-Messiah as the world's only Saviour. It is yours to promote His truths before the world without fear or compromise, and to defend them at every turn. It is yours to inspire in the hearts of all mankind, love for the One Who has paid the price for every-man's salvation. He appeals to us all, "If you love Me, keep My Commandments." (John 14:15) But what do you do?

Yes, you can say, as we can all say, many times over, "I am a sinner," "O God, I wish I had never...sinned..." So, what about sin???

Christ always clearly taught, in the light of the Commandments, what are the sins to be avoided, always with His admonition to the sinner, "to go and sin no more." Yes, He said for us not to judge, but that relates to a person's heart and final judgement. It has no relevance to 'judging' when a person publicly commits or confesses to an action which is intrinsically sinful, such that you can say to him, "Who am I to judge?" You know, or should know, that the action is indeed sinful - and that is the opportunity to explain to the sinner the true nature of his action. Instead, you avoid telling him, by saying, "Who am I to judge?" You, thereby, make no attempt to save him from the ultimate consequences of his sin! (Ezechiel 3:17-21; 33:7-9)

Meanwhile, you are admonishing the Saviour's faithful servants, defenders of the Church's and Saviour's Scriptural traditional teachings as being, "Those who divide the Christian Community", "ideologues of doctrine, whose hearts are closed to the work of the Holy Spirit." (Are you not 'judging' them???)

And so, I put to you the question: "What is the worst kept secret reverberating around the world?" Answer: It is that the food you are feeding to the flock, has Cardinal against Cardinal; Archbishop against Archbishop; Bishop against Bishop; priest against priest, and a greatly disturbed laity who are confused as to where their loyalties should lie. Our Lady prophesied of this very occurrence in 1973 during her appearances to Sister Agnes Katsuko Sasagawa of Akita in Japan. (Refer to Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI for confirmation of this one.)

(In all these trials the opposing hearts of many shall be made manifest.)

Francis, you should also check out: 'St Francis of Assisi's End-Time Prophecy' . Is his prophecy not also referring to you? I find it terrifying!

These divisions are NOT emanating from faithful proponents and defenders of the Church's traditional teachings and Scriptural doctrines. They are emanating from your own errant teachings, and the confused interpretations of them by hierarchies now justifying their breaking with traditional doctrine and teachings with the certitude that your presumed Papal authority has given them.

To me, you are betraying your role as Pope! You do not clarify for the sinner, his sinfulness, but you rationalise how he may stay in his sinful state and be welcomed to partake of the Sacred Mysteries! (Result: Complicity in every offence.) You teach "according to your own heart", not according to Christ's Command! ( Jeremiah Chapter 23)

St Paul clearly warned, as did Christ, we must examine ourselves and be in a penitent, cleansed state-of-grace, with a firm resolve "not to sin again" - "lest we eat and drink to our own damnation." Terrifying indeed!

And when we have cleaned our 'house' we must keep it so - lest 7 devils, enter us and our last condition be worse than our first. (Matthew 12:43-45; Luke 11:24-26)

"But, who am I to judge?" We must judge the sin, not the sinner. Yours is to teach the sinner to recognise his sin and to learn to guard against it, for his very soul's sake...and "to go and sin no more".

At present, you are muddying the waters of the sinner's knowledge and judgement and are serving to confirm him/her in his/her sin. You are engendering an environ in the Church and in the world, of a state of compromise with the world of sin. Terrifying!

You say, "Pray for me." I pray for you, and for all poor victims, made so by the confusions you engender; and for all, that we all may be delivered from the terrifying consequences of compromising deals done with the devil.

"Abstain from all appearance of evil." (1 Thessalonians 5:22 - St Paul)

I pray indeed, for the Holy Spirit to hasten to your aid. I confess, at the moment I am sorely troubled by you.

"Come, Lord Jesus! Come!"

Eternal best wishes...

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter

21st July 2017