December 2017

Geoffrey, my Down syndrome nephew, was born on 6th October 1960, and 57 years later we sat at his bedside waiting for his passing - the most beautiful, innocent face you could ever hope to see.

We all wished we could take him home, to have things as they used to be - to experience again those moments of inspiration and joy his innocent, loving presence, always brought to his friends, and especially to his extraordinary, close-knit, loving and caring family.

What an incalculable blessing to us all has been the beautiful, gentle life of Geoffrey. We have been gifted to know and love the smiley-face of a most pure and innocent heart.

We all wanted to take him home, but of course, this could not be.

The Father of us all was waiting with us, for the moment He would take our Geoffrey 'home' to live and love in His loving Father Presence, forever. Thanks be to God for Geoffrey, 'The Pest', we have been blessed to know and love for 57 years. Blessed be God forever.

Geoffrey left us, in the late afternoon of 30th December, 2017.

Love you, "Pest!"

From the other 'Pest'.