'Gay' Teachers

Dear Editor,

Phoebe Wearne's report "Split looms over gay teachers" (16th October 2018), presents the 'fors' and 'againsts' as to whether "schools should have the legislative right to fire 'gay' teachers."

Christian schools have the responsibility to impart to their students Christian values enshrined in the Holy Bible Hebrew-Judeo-Christian-Scriptures, the tenets of which require faithful adherence to the Divinity's Commandments and Divine Laws which define the moral limits within which our human behaviours may be rightly exercised.

Natural Laws also find their roots in the Divine Laws and they work together in their behaviour-governing dictates.

Same-sex relationships run counter to the Creator-Divinity's design for the male-female faculties complementary unitive-procreative 'natural' usage and thereby place themselves in conflict with the Divine Mind expressed in both the Divine and Natural Laws.

Religious Schools which would employ teachers living in such open conflict with the Divine values and tenets they are charged to instil in their students would be acting in contradiction of the values upon which the whole edifice of their school is based.

In conscience, the school may not employ such a person, and should it discover it has been deceived and/or inadvertently employed such a person it must have capacity to immediately remove that person from its employ.

There is no question regarding a 'lawful' proposal which would prevent that expulsion. Such 'law' would itself be morally 'unlawful' in its sanctioning the defence and promotion of what are 'naturally', morally 'unlawful' behaviours.

Yours faithfully,

Alan Mitter
16th October 2018