Francis: Why your love is wrong

('The Pen and the Word are mightier than the machete and the gun.')

It's wonderful to see you going about your business "loving everybody", including "your enemies" as Christ has commanded us to do.

But, the problem with your love is; it denies telling people the truth, the truth regarding the Christ as being "the world's only Saviour", who you are first in line placed to serve, and to proclaim to the world. This, the Christ has commanded you, and His whole Church, to do!

Instead, you muzzle your mouth, and put your arm around Islamists who are truly your enemies - not the individual people - but enemies in the sense of the ideology which they unashamedly proclaim in the face of the world as being the "only true faith in the sight of God"(Koran 3:19) with all "unbelievers" of Islam ultimately destined for hell-fire. (35:36) This includes you, and the Christ-Messiah and all non-believers of Islam. It claims unashamedly to have supplanted the Divinity's own ancient Hebrew-Jewish-Christ-Messiah religion.

Why is not the world hearing from you a clear refutation and exposition of the fatal flaws which exist in the very root of Islam, screamingly evident from its beginning???

Who truly loves, does not deny those he loves, the food of the truth he has been commanded to serve to all of God's children, be they Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, agnostics, atheists.....everyone.

This is my question to you. When will you speak to the world what it desperately needs to hear at this critical time in its history - a 'Universal Address' - which clearly tells the world, with love - the truth of what every Muslim needs to hear - as does the whole world need to hear, if you truly love them? This is your duty to perform.

Please feed the world with the Messiah-truth it needs to hear!