Euthanasia WA 2

Dear Editor

All of the controversial issues: abortion, IVF, same-sex relationships and euthanasia all have one thing in common. They all ignore the precepts of Natural Law. Indeed they flout it, and live without apparent fear of any possible future reckoning with the Initiator, Source, Origin, of that Law.

The Natural Law 'Presence' presides silently over all of our actions and thoughts. It determines that no one, in any way, may offend against the integral well-being of another person, or the possessions of that person.
It clearly determines every person's life to be sacrosanct, and together with his/her possessions, inviolable.

This leaves no room for the arbitrary violation of anyone's life, once that person's life has begun, or at any point in the course of that person's life. The life of the person unfolds to its maturity from the point of its beginning in the seed of its conception. Everything of that person is present in its seed. From that point its life is its own, simply to unfold, never to be violated.

It is not difficult to understand that in the light of this Law, no one may justly, deliberately, terminate, abort, an inviolable life once begun.

It is also not difficult to understand the participants in IVF procedures which sacrifice innocent lives in pursuit of a live birth are culpably answerable for every life created and expended in the laboratory exercises.

Voluntary euthanasia is an act of self-murder, an act whereby the person does not violate the life of another, but culpably acts against the inviolable nature of his/her own person.

Same-sex relationships employ their sex faculties naturally designed for union with a person of the opposite, complementary, gender in clear discord with Nature's dictate for their faculties right and proper usage.

All approvers of, and participants in, the above behaviours and practices need ready themselves as being answerable in the Court of Natural Law. They call into question the moral health and well-being of our nation.
(It is Natural Law which holds every man-made 'law' to account, itself accountable to Divine Law.)

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
13th November 2018