Dear Editor,

With Victoria having legalised euthanasia, and other states likely to follow, it is necessary to clarify its fundamental nature.

It rests upon the inviolable nature of the human person. Put simply, no-one may justly offend against the integral well-being of another person or his/her possessions.

The prime possession of a person is his/her life.

So, every life is sacrosanct, not open to be violated by anyone, under any circumstance, not even if the violating person be oneself.

Regardless of the intention, the murderous nature of the act remains, and those who assist would render themselves accessories to self-murder, as would those who approve it's 'legal' sanction.

As such, the true murderous nature of the act precludes it from ever achieving blameless 'legal' implementation.

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
27 th November 2017

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