Christians and SSM

Dear Editor,

Ken Strain (Letters 30/9/17, Christians and SSM) asserts all people must be treated with equal respect, But, this does not mean we must respect all of their actions.

He mentions Christ's treatment of thieves and prostitutes, but neglects to recognise Christ's admonition to them was always, "Go, and sin no more!"

And, the same it is for the those who apply the use of their sexual faculties in a manner contrary to the right order God established in His design for the complementary union of the male and female sex faculties with the capacity to generate a child in their own image. The actions of same-sex couples are in patent conflict with God's design. They involve the interpersonal misuse of the parties sex faculties.

Ken, can you not hear Christ saying to these people, "Go, and sin no more?" The sinners must thereafter cease performance of their aberrant actions. There can be no compromise for the Christian.

The Christian cannot condone the active rejection of God's unitive, generative, complementary design of the sexes. God did not design them for use with another person of the same gender.

How might a Christian ever defend such a proposition?

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter