Blameless Solutions to Society's Problems

(In company with 'Wrongful 'Rights')


In every situation, every person must maintain the state of their own innocence. They must never allow themselves to be drawn into a situation of culpability. To ensure this, for the preservation of her own innocence, the unwilling 'mother' - who has conceived by whatever circumstance - must carry her baby to 'term'. After she is naturally delivered of her child, if she remains unwilling or unable to 'mother' and raise her child, she must first seek placement of her child into the care of another member, or members, of her own family.

If this is not possible, the next choice must be to seek the adoption of her child into the love and care of a government-approved childless, M-F only family, who will grant her access to monitor her child's well-being through the years by an arrangement agreeable to all parties. It may be to keep in close contact, or to be without such contact, with the child always to have the future option of being able to contact his/her mother and/or father if, and when, they are ready to do so. (Never is the child, in these circumstances, to be placed into the care of a 'same-sex couple'. Such culpable unnatural arrangement is ever to be forbidden.)


The deliberate killing of a human person is a murderous act, of supreme culpability. The life of every person is inviolable. No-one may justly offend against the well-being of another person or his/her possessions. The prime possession of a person is his/her life. So, every life is sacrosanct, not open to be violated under any circumstance. The same applies to the life of the person who seeks euthanasia. They would deliberately offend against the inviolability of their own sacrosanct life. In so-doing they would bring upon themselves the culpability attached to the taking of an inviolable life, and forfeit their previously held state of innocence. Serious culpability would, thereby, be theirs.

In death, to meet our 'Father-Generator-Source' of all Created Being, in a state of supreme culpability is to be avoided at all costs. If you cannot as yet realise the certainty of His Eternal Uncreated Ever-Presence as being the necessary, inexplicable Symphonic Mind and Power Source of all Created beings, both animate and inanimate, "Who inhabits eternity", I would suggest, nonetheless, that you do not risk placing yourself in a state of self-murderous culpability. The truth of this will soon be verified to each of us in the moment of the putting off of our mortal coil. Again! Do not risk it! Ever protect your innocence!


Marriage, when considered in terms of human relationship, means a consenting relationship between two persons of opposite and complementary Male-Female genders, incredibly designed for a union capable of generating the creation of new human lives in their own image. In such way is formed the family unit as the basic structure of human society.

Into this natural environ now introduce the incongruous proposition of two persons of the SAME gender forming a relationship with the claim that their physically contrived, incompatible, unnatural, sterile relationship is to be accorded a status and standing equal to that of natural Male-Female marriage. The proposition defies logic and is physically and intellectually preposterous, presenting a proposition which invites the mind to reconcile an irreconcilable confusion as being rational, normal and in total harmony with nature.
The proposition is a lie, which every truly rational mind should reject as such. To accede to the lie, would be to abandon common sense and all that is true. It is not hard to recognise that participants are in serious violation of the correct usage of their Male-Female faculties. (There is a serious problem with the minds and dispositions of those who support and condone the behaviours.)
To legalise same-sex behaviours would be for politicians to legalise personal abuse and betray the moral good of the community they are charged to serve. For these persons to regain a blameless position they must forego their illicit relationships and their demand for equality with that which it can never be equal.


This practice involves the conception of new human lives in a glass petri dish at the hands of medical technicians. They unite male and female gametes, with each and every uniting of the gametes forming a progenitor cell which is the formation of a new unique human life at its very beginning. It contains all of the genetic material of the new life, which will, in its right environ, develop and grow, ever unfolding in uninterrupted progression, with nothing else added to it but nourishment from its mother, to enable it, in due time, to emerge from its mother in recognisable human form. Its life is the continuing unbroken thread of its individual life, present in its being from the moment of the infusion of its parental gametes in the unnatural environ of a petri dish. This is an action which rightly occurs only in the circumstance of the parents' marital union, but because of the parents' difficulties in achieving a conception, they have turned to the technicians for help. But this process is fraught with huge moral offences which render the procedures ethically inadmissible. The procedures involve insurmountable offences to universally recognised inherent human rights, with rights applicable to every human life being willfully ignored in the IVF processes. Huge numbers of unique lives, at their beginning, are considered expendable, and are sacrificed in incalculable numbers without regard to their humanity, in pursuit of the goal of achieving a successful pregnancy. The offences to the conceived, sacrificed lives, are legion. This all means that the parents are in a position which cannot be considered blameless. They became parents every time they submitted their gametes for infusion in a petri dish.
Now the only truly blameless way for them to parent a child is by adoption - preferably to adopt a child conceived in the circumstances related to Problem 1.

"Woe to those who make wicked laws." (Isaiah 10:1)