Appeasing Pussyfooters
When is Enough, Enough?

Dear Editor,

Western society, and its appeasing governments and religious leaders from the Pope down, including me, have pussyfooted around with Islam for long enough. When are we all going to wakeup and do what we must?

Until Islam is 'taken-on' at its root, this ideology will continue to spawn its deluded- psychopathic-evil 'fringe-members'. And this is because the ideology itself, in its root-origin, is a designed mixture of good and evil seeds sown in its foundation by its deceiving 'angel-source' who they all believe to be the Divinity's Archangel Gabriel sent by their Allah with mandate for them to ultimately take over the whole world.

Their Koran is believed to be the recorded words of this 'angel' collected and formulated to form their 'holy book'. This 'holy book' contradicts and challenges the validity of the ancient Hebrew-Jewish-Messiah-Christian Scriptures claiming for itself to have supplanted the ancient Jewish-Christian religion with itself now being "the only true faith in God's sight." (Koran 3:19) All "Unbelievers" of its message are destined for hellfire - which includes the Judeo-Christian-Christ-Messiah Himself Whose teachings they openly contradict ( 5:72, 73, 75.) saying, "Those who deny Our revelations shall become the inmates of hell." (4:56; 5:86) "Unbelievers are the enemies of God." (2:98) "Unbelievers are your inveterate foe." (4:101) "Take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends. (5:51) And so it goes on and on...

The simple flaw in the very root of Islam is that its 'angel-source', whose words are its foundation, was NOT the Archangel Gabriel as he claimed himself to be, but he took on Gabriel's name so as to convince Muhammad he was indeed God's messenger, as was Gabriel in the Old and New Testament Scriptures. He deceived Muhammad, his unwitting victim, and sowed his lies and contradictions into the mind of Muhammad who faithfully taught them. His first lie was that he was Gabriel, upon which lie he then built his case designed to upset and challenge the truths of the Ancient Hebrew-Judeo-Christ-Messiah religion. (Note: See Daniel 8:16 and 9:21 for Gabriel in the Old Testament and Luke 1:26-38 in the New Testament.) The trouble is, and I find it to be utterly inexplicable, that this fundamental 'lying-angel-flaw' in the root of this ideology has not been made irrefutably clear to Muslims and the whole world at some time during the last 14 hundred years.

It is time, to put it to them without fear or fancy! It must be blunt and to the point! The pussy-footing around with Islam with its demonic terrorist arm has to cease - from the Pope down! Until this happens their murderous obscenities, such as Manchester, shall continue unabated.

Two thousand years ago Christ Himself said, "The time will come when he who kills you will believe he is doing a holy duty for God..." (John 16:2-4) A prophecy fulfilled in our own time.

The truth must not be muzzled! Islam's 'angel' was a liar! Muhammad was his duped victim. Islam is a false liar-based ideology. Islamists must be freed from its grip for their's, and the whole world's sake. When might we summon the guts to speak up in the face of terrorism?

It is well past 'time to speak'!

Yours sincerely,

Alan Mitter
24th May 2017