(Letter sent to 'The West' and 8 other newspapers, 13/11/18)

Dear Editor

Andrew Bolt's "Refusal to tell the truth on Islam", The West Australian, 'OPINION', 12/11/18, is a problem around the world for fear of triggering a radical Islamic response.

It should be headlines around the world that radical Islamic extremism flourishes because of the 'soil' in which its roots are grounded, namely, the 'soil' of its 'holy book', the Quran. (Koran)

This 'soil' is the source of all of the divisions which radicalism and intransigent Islamic belief brings with it into Western Communities.

Fundamentally, Islam is a 'nation' of its own. It is an ideology which is both religious and political. Its prime allegiance is always to its own 'nation'. Every other 'allegiance' is secondary with its long-term vision of creating a world wherein 'believers' and 'unbelievers' are all to live subject to its Sharia Law.

As yet, for centuries, no one in our Western Societies, of religious or political authority, has been able to muster the fortitude necessary to confront Islam with the fatal flaws which have festered in its roots since the first moments of the ideology's inception. Until this courage is forthcoming, nothing will change, and terrorism's acts of carnage will continue until world's end.

I can only recommend that every 'Church-Person', (because Islam is a religious ideology), every politician, every concerned citizen, and especially a Pope, and every Muslim, examine the website for its exposition of Islam's fatal flaws which have been waiting to be universally exposed for fourteen centuries.

Only through this exposure, might there eventually be no more 'Islam'. Only with 'no more Islam' shall there ever be 'no more Islamic terrorism'.

Our continued failure to confront Islamism from the rooftops with the fatal flaws at its roots, is to capitulate to the deceptions which govern and hold Muslims bound.

Your sincerely,

Alan Mitter
13th November 2018