(My Dream Experience)

It was during the morning night of the 4th of April 2019, (The 49th anniversary of my own failed marriage) that I found myself immersed in an experience of extreme temptation. And it all happened in a dream.

The dream was vibrantly real. There was no question of it not being actual. My unsuccessful marriage of 24 years - really long-over, years before that - meant I would be single for the rest of my life as any new relationship would be an adulterous one. At 79, I had been actually single for at least 32 years.

Adultery trangresses the Divine 6th Commandment with its God decreed consequence of banishment into relentless never-ending hellfire experience.

Here I was at 79 years of age feeling ageless, when I met a similarly 'young' divorced Asian lady with whom we had a mutually 'love at first-sight-meeting' experience.

I found I only wanted to be together with her for the rest of our lives, with me 'a-never-to-be-romantically-involved-person-again', now severely torn by an 'out-of-nowhere' love between my awesome incredible love of the Divinity and my new-found overwhelming love for this lady. In those moments I resolved I had to be with her. I couldn't bear not to be with her.

Later, I found myself walking down a wide pavement footpath on my way to meet her. We would make our arrangements for our living together. Walking along, torn as I was, I couldn't see any alternative.

Then, as I walked, of a sudden, there came the moment, when I thought - midst the overwhelming feelings I had for her - "If I really love her, would I expose her to the eternal consequences the Divinity says awaits those who choose to defy His Commandments, no matter their compulsion to do so?" I also remembered His words, "Anyone who places anyone, or any thing, ahead of Him, is not worthy of Him." (Matthew 10:37; Luke 14:26)

He Who has given us our everything, is necessarily First in everything, and He requires our obedience to His will in everything. Jesus - the Son-image of His Father, (Colossians 2:9) the Divinity manifest in the world in the flesh - did only ever what accorded with His Father's will, and we are called to do the same, or pay, as He has warned, an eternal price.

"No", I thought, my love for her forbids me to expose her to such a fate. I can't do it. In that moment, I felt the burden loaded upon me, dissipate.

And, I walked, refreshed, to meet her, to explain what we had to do.

Sadly, I didn't see her again - the dream, so real - ceased at that point.

Alan Mitter
16th July 2019