Submission to the Archdiocese Of Perth:
2020 Plenary Council

1. Bring back the altar rails and restore 'Christ-in-the-tabernacle' to a high central position of focus over the altar re-positioned as of old, with priest and people together facing the tabernacle and the altar with the Eucharistic Christ visibly presiding over all church proceedings, with everyone's attention focused upon the altar and Christ - not as now, wherein too much focus is upon the priest. (It is deplorable that Him Whom we worship be decentralised and pushed off to an insignificant 'side' position in the church or to another 'side chapel' in the church precinct.)

2. Use the vernacular language, by all means, with the Latin Mass always an option. The format is to be the same for both. Everyone's focus, priest and people, must be as one, facing as for the Latin Mass - with all naturally focused towards Christ's Eucharistic Presence. Such, would bring palpable increase of reverence into the conscious life of the church community.

3. Highly desirable also is that the tabernacle be flanked by the figures of kneeling, adoring angels. This image should forever remain ingrained in the minds and hearts of the faithful from childhood.

4. That all now proceed in lines to receive the Sacred Sacramental Lord in the hand has served to down-grade the solemnity and reverential manner in which God's faithful people should receive the Most Holy of all Sacraments.

5. To receive on one's knees, and tongue, at the altar rail, as in times past, is the only manner which properly satisfies and preserves all of the reverential qualities and respect due our Sacramental Lord in this most sacred moment.

6. We see in the Church today a great lack of awareness of the sacredness of the Divine Presence in the sanctuary and church precinct.

7. The lack of respect for the Sacred Presence in the Church precinct is hugely due to the sidelining of our Sacramental Lord, e.g. to a corner, and has, I believe, hugely contributed to the falling away of many from the practise of their faith, with the increased terrifying prospect of them risking the loss of their most precious vulnerable souls.

8. Return the altars, tabernacles and altar rails to their centuries-old traditional positions and restore to the faithful the truly reverential Mass of the 'Faith of our Fathers'.

9. There should, too, be a reversion to the singing of the stirring hymns of old with organ accompaniment (no guitars etc.) - hymns which inspired and sustained deep religious faithful fervour. e.g. 'We stand for God'; 'Faith of our fathers'; 'Hail Redeemer, King Divine!'; 'Our Lady favourites', etc;

O Eternal Godhead, One in Three, endlessly adorable for Eternity.

Yours 'faithfully',

Alan Mitter

Feast of St Joseph
19th March 2018