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From a young age, Alan Mitter found himself born into a world of mystery he had no option but to try and solve. This was the supreme mystery of life and existence itself, while staring into the face of inevitable death. The mystery had to be solved before death had its way. He knew that because everything, including himself and the whole creation, has happened and come to be, 'somehow', so 'somewhere' the answer surely existed and so must be able to be found, known and understood.

His articles express the many aspects of his search and the thought processes which enabled him to piece together the pieces of the jigsaw which he didn't realise he had been building until the last piece fell into place. In that single moment the darkness of his confusion disappeared in an explosion of light (see Article 4 and Article 6).

Alan was born in a country town of a Baptist father and Methodist mother and attended the Methodist Sunday School classes until he was about the age of 12. It was in his mother's home as a child that the meetings took place which saw the establishment of the Methodist Church in the town, with his grandfather as a foundation member and one of its lay preachers. He died when Alan was 7.

So it was, that from the age of 11 or 12 that Alan's quest for life and the answer to its mystery began and was later realised during the time of his experience as an architectural draftsman in his early 20's, after which time he spent 9 months studying in a Catholic seminary, followed by a period of 18 months as a housing construction supervisor, then more architectural drafting for 5 years. Then came a teaching position at Methodist/Uniting Church Wesley College teaching Technical Drawing for a period of 17 years followed by 10 years working in state schools teaching mainly Technical Drawing and Woodwork combined with much relief teaching until retirement. During retirement, 5 years was spent teaching as a member of his local parish's religious education team. Many of his articles were written during this period.

He is father to two sons. His marriage of 24 years was unsuccessful. Since 1994 he has lived the single life, and since 1980 has been dedicated to the work of promoting the nurturing, respecting and protecting of the lives of every person from the moment his/her life begins at conception, right through until his/her natural or accidental death.

His whole desire is that the material in his "Love God" website may serve to assist its readers in their own individual quest to solve and understand and appreciate ever more and more the wonder, the incredibly awesome wonder, of the gift of this great mystery of our life and being we all have received as children of an eternally uncreated Father, who has called us all to share with Him the unending wonder of His own eternity.

Love conquers all,
...and God is Love.

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